Keeping Your Mind Healthy During Lockdown & Beyond

Being in lockdown is something very new to the majority of us. Even the keenest of introverts might be having the odd wobble because they can’t see people, enjoy certain experiences and so on. Physically we are allowed to leave the home daily for fresh air and exercise. We all need to remember to prioritise our mental health too. Keeping your mind healthy during lockdown and beyond can take some work but the results often speak for themselves.

Keeping Your Mind Healthy: Enjoy The Fresh Air

Your daily dose of outdoor time for fresh air and exercise doesn’t mean you have to spend it running or rambling over hills (unless that’s your thing). Enjoy a leisurely stroll and take the time to breathe and to really take note of things you might not get the chance to usually. The AYNE team are finding that there is a lot more wildlife around. With so little traffic and fewer people coming and going they’re not as shy and happy to run around unhindered. Take a minute, especially in green land if possible to just stop and to listen. You can hear all sorts buzzing and scratching around. Enjoy mindful walks in the fresh air.

Give Journalling a Go

A great way to process and make sense of how you are feeling is to write it down. All you need is a notebook and a pen, or for those who prefer it, a blank Word page. The beauty of journaling is that it isn’t just a way to capture what you’re struggling with but also what you are grateful for, what has surprised you and to record the silver linings that you’ve noticed. Use your journal to record the walks you’ve been on, the wildlife you’ve seen, and the games that you and your family have played. This doesn’t need to be a Dear Diary situation. Just use it in a way that makes you feel good. Pinterest and Instagram can be great for journaling prompts and inspiration.

Laugh Your Socks Off

There is nothing better than a good belly laugh, especially during a stressful period in your life. Watch your favourite comedian or talk online with family and friends and share funny stories. If you have the chance look up Laughter Yoga (it’s not what you might be expecting). There are some great videos and info about it and it is a great way to help get those laughter-induced endorphins flowing. If there’s something or someone that makes you grin make them or it a top priority in your life.

Finish Projects and Tasks That Have Been Irking You

If procrastination is one of your superpowers you are likely to have one or two unfinished tasks and possibly quite a few unfinished projects on the go. There has never been a better time to list them down, finish them and tick them off your list. This offers a kind of mental decluttering. The relief that comes with finishing projects like these, the ones that linger at the back of your mind, is great for the mood.

Keeping Your Mind Healthy: Random Acts Of Kindness

Do you know what makes many people happy? Doing something nice for someone else. That’s a fact. Here at AYNE, we know that some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet are from Essex. While we might feel powerless at times like this there are many things that we do have control over. We can support local and small businesses, if not necessarily in person, often online. Just today one of our AYNE team has intentionally sought out a small business that could use a boost and made an order. Send a card via an online service, send a picture on an email or just pick up the phone to check up on people. Your random act of kindness, or just being nice is good them and good for you too.

In Conclusion

Keeping your mind healthy during lockdown can present a few challenges. There are many ways to boost your mood and actively work on your mental health, you just need to find the right tools for you.

Author: Nicki Cawood

(No rights to image – rights to Tim Goedhart via Unsplash)


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