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Jun 02
Capturing and Protecting Memories

Hands up if you have hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs digitally stored safely that you never look at? Do you have treasured keepsakes in a box at the top of the wardrobe or the attic? Capturing and protecting memories is something that we should all do. Our future selves will thank us for it. […]

May 14
Stand 2 meters apart, but we need you all closer then ever to support your local businesses

So, what a crazy long few weeks this has been. Do we know what day it is? Has anyone actually truly home-schooled the kids whilst trying to bribe them while you’re on a zoom call? Do we know our furlough from our footlong? Is it too early for Gin? Do we know how long this […]

May 01
Fab Activities To Do With Children

It’s always a good idea to have a back-up plan full of activities for the children to keep them happy and occupied during the holidays, weekends and other periods at home. These don’t need to cost a lot of money, can be screen-time free and offer great learning experiences for the children too. Random Acts […]

Apr 20
Working from home with the kids

Who has spent time they don’t have looking on Pinterest for new and inventive ways to keep the children occupied or at least quiet when working from home? Have any of you abandoned all hope of getting anything done by the set deadline? Who is watching the Government’s daily briefing in the hope that they […]

Apr 19
Classic 80’s and 90’s Shows to Watch With The Kids

If you are looking for a nostalgic glow, there has never been a better time to break out favourite classic 80’s and 90’s shows to watch with the kids. With streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and the Disney+, getting hold of your favourite childhood episodes couldn’t be easier. If all else fails, head for YouTube, as there […]

Mar 26
Using these tools and apps, we are socially distant but closer than ever #inittogether

We are a nation that has now had to switch to the virtual world to stay connected. For our safety and the safety of others, home is the best place to be right now. However, it can now feel quite isolated and cut off. So it’s time to switch things up a bit so that […]

Dec 23
What’s happening in Essex on New Years Eve?

See in 2020 the right way with these great venues in Essex. There is always so much on offer but which one do you choose? If it’s a cosy intimate feel or full on glam atmosphere you fancy, we have some great choices on offer. Let’s get the party started. *** Chelmsford – The Lion […]

Dec 21
How the rise of technology has halted human interaction

Do you remember the days where you would knock on your friends door when you had to ask them something? The days where you would say ‘I love you’ rather then using an emoji? If there were any issues or problems, you quite simply spoke about things face to face and cleared the air and […]