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May 26
What You Can Do To Support Other Local Essex Small Businesses

Here in Essex, we have a fabulous array of small businesses. With everything from gift shops to those offering health and wellbeing services, we are truly spoilt. If we make shopping local and shopping small a personal or household goal, we will be able to help keep these fabulous businesses going. We’d miss them if […]

Mar 26
Using these tools and apps, we are socially distant but closer than ever #inittogether

We are a nation that has now had to switch to the virtual world to stay connected. For our safety and the safety of others, home is the best place to be right now. However, it can now feel quite isolated and cut off. So it’s time to switch things up a bit so that […]

Mar 25
Covid-19 / Coronavirus Business support details all in one place #INITTOGETHER

There is a lot of information in different forums and groups and everyone has their take on it. There is also a lot of confusion about what is best for your business and how you go about applying for certain help and relief. We all feel like a rabbit caught in headlights and this is […]

Mar 23
LIST OF COVID-19 SUPPORT GROUPS – When you see someone drowning, be the hand that saves them. #INITTOGETHER

We are in uncharted territory. We have all been knocked off of our feet and there is a lot of panic, stress and worry right now. This is okay. We are human and we are taking the time to process what is happening right now. This is a time to act together like a true […]

Dec 23
What’s happening in Essex on New Years Eve?

See in 2020 the right way with these great venues in Essex. There is always so much on offer but which one do you choose? If it’s a cosy intimate feel or full on glam atmosphere you fancy, we have some great choices on offer. Let’s get the party started. *** Chelmsford – The Lion […]