Interior Tips For Selling Your Essex Property

Have you ever browsed estate agent websites and been put off the property because of the garish-coloured walls, the overgrown garden or some oddity you’ve spotted in the background? Have you visited a house and instantly been turned off because of a dodgy smell? These top tips for interior design will help you sell your property much faster.

Sort Your Garden Out

You don’t need to be Alan Titchmarsh or Charlie Dimmock. You simply need to show potential buyers, or even would-be renters, that your garden has potential. If you have rubble where a shed used to be, if the grass is long enough to hide a tribe of goblins or your outside area just looks shabby, you are unlikely to get the sale or the sale price you want. A general clear up, cut back, grass cut and tidy will make all of the difference.

Tone Things Down

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that when people are viewing a property online or in person, they want to be able to see themselves in it. Neutral wall colours, plenty of light and a pleasing aesthetic will help. Your home doesn’t need to be beige, far from it. Here in Essex, we are lucky to have some brilliant interior design stores and consultants who will be able to help you make your home appeal to a wider audience.

Freshen & Fix-Up

If an estate agent is going to be showing people around the property have your carpets cleaned and deodorised, your home thoroughly cleaned and open some windows. This all adds to the appeal of your home. Similarly, if any minor maintenance issues need addressing, finish these off before viewings. A leaking tap, squeaking door and anything broken is not going to go down well with prospective buyers.

Cut The Clutter

Your home does not need to look like an Ikea showroom. Simply use clever hidden storage to put children’s toys away and consider putting your collection of Victorian full-sized mannequin dolls out of sight. Ensure those viewing the property can get an accurate impression of the size of the room and may freely move around without tripping over lamp cables or having to deal with a large pile of dirty boots and shoes in the entrance.

Essex as a county speaks for itself. We are lucky to have some fabulous areas, great schools, wonderful businesses and communities that are open to all. If you are serious about selling your Essex property, these interior design tips and tricks will help you seal the deal and secure your house sale.

Author Nicki Cawood.

(Image rights to Evan Dvorkin via Unsplash).


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